Manage Disruption

Human behavior is changing. Technology is on track to dominate our lives, and we are becoming digital-first. Industry after industry and enterprise after enterprise are equipping themselves with new technologies like cloud, mobile, data, and networks to digitally transform and get prepared for the digital universe. Those leaning back and relying on their current success will soon bite the dust. 52% of the Fortune 500 since 2000 did so already. Nothing and nobody is safe from disruption. So we are at the beginning of drastic technological transformation. New digital technologies and services are increasingly pervasive as (mobile) electronic devices are adopted at a staggering pace around the world; and everything–from our cars and thermostats to our medical records and kitchen appliances–is connected to the Internet. Tomorrow’s digital technologies will have a global impact on both business and society. With the rise of cheap sensors, and the number of devices projected to surpass the number of humans on the planet this year, everything will be connected. Computers are increasingly found in clothes, glasses, and watches. From printable, bendable, stretchable electronics to breakthrough technologies that simplify our interaction with data and devices on the go, these innovations ensure that the way we think about computing will never be the same. As an intra/entrepreneur I’m pioneering the arena where Technology and Commerce are working hand-in-hand. I’m an experienced (digital) marketeer having organisations working client-centric, focussed on the customer experience.


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